1.  Sutts, Strosberg LLP (now Strosberg Sasso Sutts LLP) and Charney Lawyers commenced a class action on behalf of all owners and renters of residential condominium units at X Condos I, located at 110 Charles Street East in Toronto. The lawsuit seeks damages for loss of use and enjoyment, injuries, replacement costs, and loss of rental income due to the failure of the defendants to install pressure-balanced valves in the bathroom fixtures in each unit.

2.  The defendants are Great Gulf Homes Limited (“Great Gulf Homes”), Great Gulf (Jarvis-Charles) Ltd. (“Great Gulf (JC)”) and Jarvis-Charles G.P. Inc. (“Jarvis-Charles”).  The class action is for breach of contract and negligence.

3.  The statement of claim includes allegations that the defendants represented that the features of each condominium unit would include pressure-balanced valves installed in the shower and bathtub fixtures.

4.  Since 2010, residents of X Condos I have experienced unpredictable fluctuations in water temperature in the shower and bathtub.  The problem with the water fluctuations continues to the present.

5.  On December 10, 2013, TARION Warranty Corporation released a Warranty Assessment Report which revealed that the problem relating to the water temperature fluctuations is the non-pressure balancing valves in the shower and bathtub fixtures which control the water temperature.

6.  As a result of the ongoing water temperature fluctuations, the plaintiff and Class Members have suffered damages including lost rental income, injuries arising from temperature fluctuations and the inconvenience of showering and bathing under these unpredictable conditions.

7.  We asked the court to adjourn our motion to certify the action as a class action which was scheduled to be heard on December 3, 2021 because we have reached a tentative settlement with the defendants, subject to approval from the court.

8.  A comprehensive notice outlining the proposed settlement terms will be posted shortly along with the information about the settlement approval hearing.

9.  To provide your information to us, please complete our on-line questionnaire.

10. If you wish to speak to someone for assistance, please call Strosberg Sasso Sutts LLP, toll free 1.800.229.5323, extension 296 or Charney Lawyers at 1.416.964.7950, extension 246.

11. If you would like to learn more about how a class action works, please click here.


This website provides general information to potential class members on a class action commenced against X Condos. The court will ultimately decide who will be included as a class member.

The information collected about potential class members will assist counsel in prosecuting the class action and assessing what damages were suffered by the class as a whole. Providing the information requested does not make you a client of Strosberg Sasso Sutts LLP or Charney Lawyers.

The site is not designed to answer questions about your individual situation or entitlement. Do not rely upon the information provided on this website as legal advice in respect of your individual situation nor use it as a substitute for individual legal advice.

This website is updated from time to time to provide class members with further information.


Contact information

Fill out this section only if you reside in the Unit or previously resided in the Unit.

Fill out this section only if repairs were done to address the water temperature fluctuation in the Unit.

Fill out this section only if you own/owned the Unit.

Fill out this section only if you rent the Unit

To provide documents by fax, use our toll-free fax 1.866.316.5308. 

To provide documents to us by delivery or mail: 
     Strosberg Sasso Sutts LLP 
     Lawyers 1561 Ouellette Avenue
     Windsor ON N8X 1K5 
     Attention: X Condos I class action

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