The claims period for consumers and volume licensees under the Microsoft National Class Action Settlement has closed and the deadline for the claims administrator to review all claims was May 16, 2022. The claims administrator is in the process of distributing funds to approved claimants.

This process is expected to take until late summer 2022. Claimants who have moved since submitting their claim should update their mailing address by contacting the claims administrator at [email protected].

Now over $100 million of the remaining settlement funds is being used to give students at K-12 schools software and related training.

Settlement funds will be distributed to Canadian educational institutions in the form of vouchers for new hardware and software. Some of the funds will go towards new hardware for K-12 schools, with a priority on underserved schools that would benefit from increased student access to computer learning. The rest of the funds will go towards new software for both K-12 schools and post-secondary institutions, prioritizing those that would benefit most from increased access to software. Institutions can also use their vouchers for professional development services to help teachers take full advantage of the new technology in the classroom.

Eligibility for the school voucher program is being determined by an oversight committee of educators that will also monitor and report on the impact of the program. To launch the program, a small number of educational institutions across Canada were selected by the oversight committee to receive vouchers for the upcoming year (starting September 2022). Distribution of vouchers to these institutions is underway. The remainder of the settlement funds will be made available for hardware and software vouchers for institutions across Canada later in 2022-2023.

For further information about the vouchers for educational institutions, please visit the settlement website at:

1. Strosberg Sasso Sutts LLP is counsel in a class action commenced against Microsoft Corporation and Microsoft Canada Co./Microsoft Canada CIE ('Defendants'). Parallel class actions were commenced in British Columbia and in Quebec. Counsel in all three actions co-operated to pursue the litigation in a coordinated manner between the three jurisdictions.

2. The Courts certified a pan-Canadian class of persons resident in Canada who between December 23, 1998 and March 11, 2010 (inclusive) indirectly, and not for purpose of further selling or leasing, purchased a genuine license for any full or upgrade version of:

(a)      Microsoft’s Word or Excel applications software or Microsoft’s Office, Works Suite, or Home Essentials application suites, intended for use on Intel-compatible personal computer; or

(b)      Microsoft’s MS-DOS or Windows operating systems software intended for use on Intel-compatible personal computers, including personal computers purchased with eligible software pre-loaded.

3. The trial proceeded in British Columbia action by way of a modified trial structure. During the course of the trial, the parties participated in two mediations that resulted in a nationwide Settlement Agreement as at July 11, 2018, subject to approval of the Courts in the three jurisdictions to become effective.

4. The settlement agreement obligates Microsoft to fund a claims process and class counsel fees to a maximum of $517,331,500 and to pay administration and notice costs in addition to that amount. The settlement represents a resolution of all disputed claims. Microsoft has not admitted any wrongdoing or liability. The Settlement Agreement may be reviewed here.

5. The Settlement Approval Hearing proceeded first in British Columbia, followed by hearings in Ontario and Quebec. All three courts approved the settlement, a notice program, and a claims program to distribute the settlement amount. Notice of settlement approval and the claims process may be reviewed here.

6. The claims process has now closed and the claims administrator is currently distributing settlement proceeds to approved claimants. A school voucher pilot project is underway for September 2022. Distribution of additional settlement proceeds for the remaining school voucher program will continue thereafter.

7. More information concerning the claims process and the distribution of settlement proceeds is available at the claims website at:

The settlement claims program approved by the Courts opened on November 23, 2020. It will remain open for claims to be made until September 23, 2021.

Go to: for more information or to make your claim.