1.  On August 20, 2015, Sutts, Strosberg LLP (now Strosberg Sasso Sutts LLP) and Charney Lawyers commenced a proposed national class action in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice against Avid Life Media Inc. and Avid Life Dating Inc., who own and operate Ashley Madison.  The action seeks damages for breach of contract, breach of consumer protection statutes, negligence, intrusion upon seclusion, breach of privacy and publicity given to private life for Ashley Madison customers whose personal information was publicly disclosed on August 18, 2015.  

2.  On August 24, 2015, the firms commenced a similar proposed class action in the Superior Court of Québec on behalf of Québec residents.

3. Ashley Madison is an internet based online dating service that was launched in 2001 and marketed to people who are married or in a committed relationship.  People who wish to use Ashley Madison register on the website and provide their personal information.

4. On July 15, 2015, the news media began reporting that Ashley Madison was hacked by an individual or group of individuals, who identified themselves, as the “Impact Team” and claimed to have stolen data about all Ashley Madison registered users.  According to these media reports, the Impact Team threatened to publish and release the users’ personal information if the Ashley Madison website was not shut down.  On July 20, 2015, a media statement was published on Ashley Madison’s website stating that all “Personally Identifiable Information about our users published online” was removed.

5. On August 18, 2015, the news media reported that the Impact Team published on the internet the data it stole from Ashley Madison, including the names, addresses, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, gender, dates of birth, profile captions, weight and height, lifestyle attributes and preferences, relationship statuses, sexual preferences, credit card information, and transaction history of Ashley Madison users.  According to media reports, the published data also includes the personal information of Ashley Madison users who paid a fee to delete their information. Immediately following the publicized release of the data, websites were established to allow anyone to search and confirm whether specific email addresses were contained in the data released by the Impact Team.

6. On August 24, 2015, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada announced that it had commenced an investigation under the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.  Please contact the Privacy Commissioner’s Office for further information or go to to file a privacy complaint. 

7.  If you reside in Canada and have or had an account with Ashley Madison, please contact Brendan at Charney Lawyers at 416.964.7950 x246 or Debbie at Strosberg Sasso Sutts LLP at 519.561.6296 to indicate your interest in participating in the class action.  Your information will be held in strict confidence.  If you are interested in acting as a named representative plaintiff, we would also like to hear from you.

8.  Please be aware that efforts to collect money through PayPal or any other means to start a class action may be a scam.  We are not in any way associated with these attempts to collect money.  You do not need to pay any money to join our class actions.

9. We will continue to update this website as developments occur.

10. If you would like to know more about how a class action works, please click here.